1CH H.264 Video Encoder


(12 V DC or PoE)

  • Analog cameras can be connected to the IP network simply by connecting them to the encoder.
  • A maximum of four analog cameras can be connected to the WV-GXE500, and one analog camera can be connected to the WV-GXE100.
  • Video captured by analog cameras can be saved to a recorder installed on the IP network in the same way as network cameras.


1CH H.264 Real-time Network Video Encoder

Key Features

  • Full frame H.264 transmission
  • H.264 and JPEG triple encoding: A total of 3 outputs, comprising of 2 H.264 outputs and 1 JPEG output, can be provided.
  • Motion adaptive interlace/progressive conversion allows every frame to be clear even when the subject is moving.
  • Open command conversion table for RS485 ensures the control of various manufacture’s PTZ camera.
  • Camera title display: Up to 20 alphanumeric characters embedded in the image
  • PoE. The power will be supplied by simply connecting a LAN cable. (IEEE802.3af compliant) 12 V DC power supply* is also availabel .
  • Small size. And can be installed into the outdoor housing with a camera.
  • Alarm sources including VMD, Command alarm, and Video loss
  • VMD (Video Motion Detector) with 4 programmable detection areas
  • Internet mode: H.264 images can be transmitted by over HTTP protocol.
  • Multi-language GUI and setup menu: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
  • IPv4/IPv6 protocol supported
  • Onvif compliant model

* For UL listed model(s), only connect 12 V DC Class 2 power supply.


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