Wireless Video Intercom System


  • Door Station : VL-V554 (Up to 2)
  • Main Monitor Station : VL-MWD501 (5-inch Wide Screen)
  • Wireless Monitor Station : VL-WD613 (Up to 6)


Stylish Premium Wireless Model

DECT Wireless

The wireless design means that there is no troublesome wiring required when adding on to the system as well. You can add on up to 6 sub monitors and 4 DECT Wireless Sensor Cameras for large homes, and easily confirm visitors from a monitor in each room.

Touch Panel

The main monitor has a 5-inch wide screen that clearly shows each visitor’s face. If it is difficult see, simply touch the screen to activate an approximate 2x zoom horizontally and vertically. This makes it easy for everyone to see, and provides an easy-to-use operating screen.

SD Card Recording

You can automatically record video images of visitors while you’re away from home. It will record up to 3,000 visitors (30 seconds per visitor). And you can save and play the images on a PC that has an SD card slot.

Other Features

  • 􀂙 Electric Lock Release Support : AC12V-1A/DC12V-1A
  • 􀂙 Wide-Angle Camera (Horizontally:170˚, Vertically:115˚)
  • 􀂙 SD Card Recording (Stores up to 3,000 video recordings, each 30 sec in length)
  • 􀂙 Wireless Sensor Cameras Connectable
  • 􀂙 Flexible and Easy Expandability
  • 􀂙 Easy Extension
  • 􀂙 Voice Changer
  • 􀂙 Intercom Call


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