All Giga PoE Plus Switching Hub


Product number : PN28248

  • IEEE802.3at(30W/Port)
  • All Giga + 2 SFP Slot
  • Max. Power Supply 185W




Robust Lightning Surge Tolerance

SPD (Surge Protector Device) equipped in all port. Bypass the Induced lightning surge through twist-paired cable to the ground. Because of this technology, lightning surge tolerance has been strengthened by 250% to 10kv. *7kv for Switch- M5eGLPWR+


  • It does not mean that we guarantee the product is immune to malfunction.
  • Strongly recommend that lightning arresters is always installed in both power unit’ and port’s side of switching hub and port’ side of power receiving unit while strengthening surge tolerance.
  • Repair fee due to lightning strike will be charged even though the products is under warranty period.

Optical Power Monitoring (DDM)

Capable of monitoring the state of optical transmission of SFP module connected to switching hub. Capable of conducting quick roubleshooting without optical power meter because of switch’s simple diagnostic function. SFP module must be compatible with DMI (Diagnostic Monitoring Interface) when obtaining information by DDM.

PoE Scheduler Function

PoE scheduler function allows user to set the timer to supply power to receiving device. It also allows user to protect receiving devices for instance IP-Phone and wireless AP against fraud use and reduce the power consumption during the time they are not in use by limiting the time of use. User can set the timer (month, week, day, specified day) to automatically turn off and on the power.

1. All port Gigabit Ethernet Capable

All ports provides Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) uplinks (UTP and SFP ports are exclusive use only)

2. 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+)

PoE+ support for up to 30W per port. This series support both PoE and PoE+ that incorporate high-speed wireless access point.

3. Loop Detect/Shutdown &Loop History Function (simple ver.)

Capable of detecting loop failure even when bridged in multiple switches. Automatically shutdown and notice a status with LED. Loop History Function (simple ver.) It provides information with Loop History LED which shows whether loop failure happened in the last three days.

4. Up to 50℃ Operating Temperature

Supports 50 degree Celsius operating temperature 5. Pursue Lower Energy-Consumption Automatically control energy consumption by stop providing electricity to unplugged port. It also supports 802.3az(LPI) that allow for less power consumption during the periods of low data activity.

PoE Schedule Function

Capable of scheduling power supply to end devices. Automatically turn off power supply during the period of no date activity.


Fan Sensor/ Temp. Sensor/ VLAN/ QoS/ IEEE802.1X/ IGMP Snooping/ Link Aggregation/ Redundant Ring Protocol/ STP/ RSTP


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