All Giga eG Series

Gigabit Intelligent type Switching Hub


Product number:PN28240A

  • All GIGA
  • Port Grooving Function
  • Maximum Operating temperature is 50deg
  • Fan less
  • ECO Mode LED
  • Plug-out Protection
  • Rack Maunt Kits
  • Magnet


Function Guidance

Loop Prevention Function

The loop obstruction by the usesr ’false cable connection in loop to the switching hub causes the network to go down.

Downlink Port has been fixed as MID-I setting (AutoMDI/MDI-X is invalid) when the equipment was shipping from the factory. In case the false connection happens by mistake, the function prevents the loop obstruction in avoiding the link up.

Loop Detection/Blocking Function, Loop History Function

Loop detection/Blocking Function

<Loop occurs>

The relevant port automatically shuts down when a loop occurs in the corresponding port. At this time, turns on the port LED with a orange light.

During loop is occurring, or if loop has occurred within the latest 3 days, LOOP HISTORY LED blinks to notify this.

Loop History Function

In the display switching button in the “LOOP HISTORY mode“,The port a loop occurs will light green.



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