PoE Switching Hub

PoE Series


Product number: PN23169A



Function Guidance

PoE Power Sourcing Function

PoE is an abbreviation for “Power over Ethernet”. The function is regulated by IEEE802.3af/at with the power sourcing capability to the connected equipment via twist pair cables. As only 1 cable can provide the communication and power supply, the construction for power source to PoE compatible equipment is not needed. This function is the best solution for IP phone, Wireless Access Point and IP Camera (Network Camera). PoE compatible equipment is increasing such as Wireless Repeater, Packet Intercom, Voice Point IP, Voice Recording Adapter, Communication Unit for Buildings, Contactless IC Card Reader/Writer, Network Video Transmitter/ Receiver, RFID Reader, Small-sized Linux Server, Gas Detector, etc. A lineup of products from 5 ports to 24 ports can be compatible with a variety of environment including high temperature and rack/desk side. In using PoE power sourcing function, the power consumption can be reduced 10 – 30 % *compared with using the AC adapter.

*Depending on the condition of use, it cannot necessarily guarantee the power saving.

PoE Timer application

  • You can set the timer to automatically turn on and off the power the PoE supported devices, such as IP telephones and wireless access points, during the time periods they are not used.
  • The NW (network) cameras can be individually turned on and off, such as when they freeze up.
  • The current PoE power supply state (off/on condition) can be checked.

Opleration environment

  • OS:
    • WindowsXP SP3(32bit)
    • Windows 7 SP1(32bit/64bit)
    • Windows 8 SP0(32bit/64bit)
    • Windows Server 2003 R2(32bit)
  • software:.NET Framework 2.0 以上


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