Optional Accessories*

Analogue Boundary Microphone


(Cable (approx. 7 m) included)

• A compact, economical and high-grade stereo microphone

*Sold separately


Up to 24 sites Multi-Point Connection

New HDVC have a Line-up covering point to point connection and up to 24 sites connection. It can be available for flexible system configuration to meet customers’ needs.

Dual Network Connection for company internal and external network

HDVC is ready for connecting both internal and external network. No expensive equipment is required to connect external companies. (Dual Network is available on KX-VC2000/ KX-VC1600.)

Multi-Device stress-free conference

HDVC supports Multi-Device of Windows/iOS/Android™. The generation of packet losses for the HDVC System and HDVC Mobile is prevented by the rate control (AV-QoS), and lost packets are restored by the combined use of the forward error correction and automatic repeat request control.

Multi Monitor Capability

HDVC supports multi-monitors to show PC contents, and other party camera image. The KX-VC2000/ KX-VC1600 supports Triple Monitors that enables even third monitor to show own site image. The KX-VC1300/ KX-VC1000* support Dual Monitors only. *An activation key must be purchased.

Interoperability with other manufacturers’ videoconference units

HDVC supports conventional protocol of H.261/H.263/H.264 as well as H.239 dual stream of PC contents and camera image simultaneous display. This provides existing videoconference user step by step less expensive migration.


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