2-Line Integrated Telephone System

Features :

• 2-Line Operation
• Up to 3-Way Conference Capability4
• Distinctive Ring
• 16-Digit LCD with Clock
• Hands-Free Speakerphone
• 20 One-Touch Dialer Stations
• 10-Station Speed Dialer
• Hands-Free Headset Compatible
• Electronic Volume Controls for Speakerphone
• Dial Lock
• 3-Step Ringer Volume Control
• Programmable Call Restriction



Strong Support for All Types of Business
The Integrated Telephone System combines function and design to meet a wide range of business situations. All required functions are designed based on special
business specifications and ensure extremely easy operation.

New businessuse-ITS
To reliably support all business activities, the Integrated Telephone System features a wide range of indispensable functions, a comfortable handset and 2-Step Tilt Angle.

10 One Touch Speed Dial Key
10 one-touch speed dial numbers are ideal for storing emergency or frequently dialed numbers. You can also store and retrieve 20 phone numbers for two-touch speed dialing. A total of 30 speed dial numbers will save you searching and dialing time.

Ringer LED for Incoming call
You can confirm incoming calls visually. Ringer Indicator flashes to indicate there is an incoming call. Convenient when waiting for a call.

2-Step Tilt Angle
The 2-Step Tilt Angle allows easy adjustment when the telephone is placed on a desk. Careful engineering and design ensure easy use while minimizing user inconvenience.

Wall Mountable
There’s no need to worry if you can’t find a suitable place to put your KX-TS820. You can mount it right on the wall for functional use.

Other Features :
• Programmable Flash Time setting
• Dial Lock (4 digits PIN)
• Ringer Indication (LED)
• Long Handset Cord (39 cm)


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