Plain Paper Fax with Copier

A Core Machine with Reliable Communications for Diverse Office Needs

  • 70m Ink Film Length
  • 14.4 kbps Modem Speed
  • Multi-Copy (50-Sheet)
  • Automatic Document Feeder (10-Sheet)
  • Phonebook (100-Station)
  • Enhanced Copier Function


Sophisticated Communication with Plain Paper Convenience

Enhanced Copier Functions

This fax provides you with every copying feature you need, in one machine. The enlarge (200/150%), reduce (92/86/72%), and collate (sort) functions handle up to 50 copies. Furthermore, this fax performs a wide range of advanced copier functions.

Navigator Key

The navigator key lets you easily control the volume and ringer level, as well as the phone directory and dialer, and other advanced functions.

Sequential Broadcast

The broadcast function allows you to send multi-page documents to as many as 20 locations with a simple command.


Advanced Features

Out-of Paper Reception

The unit can store up to 28 pages in its built-in memory when the unit has run out of paper. Also ideal for broadcasting.

2-Line LCD Readout

The 2 x 16 character LCD readout indicates operating modes, memory contents, clock time, and telephone number dialed. It also helps when programming system features or storing telephone numbers in the directory.

Error Correction Mode (ECM)

The system ECM checks documents line by line during transmission. If it detects errors caused by line noise, it resends the same line to ensure good quality.

Quick Scan

Spend less time waiting for your documents to scan! This feature rapidly scans a document into memory and then sends the document from memory to the recipient.

Other Features

  • Polling Function
  • Friendly Fax Reception
  • Extension Line Transfer
  • Auto Document Feeder (10-page)
  • Electric Volume Control
  • Handset Mute
  • External Telephone Jack
  • Multi-Copy (50-page)
  • Monitor
  • Delayed Transmission
  • Junk Fax Prohibiter (10-station)
  • Auto Fax Reduction
  • Journal Report
  • Fax/Telephone Switch
  • Redial
  • Flash/Recall
  • Reduction/Enlargement
  • Collate Copies
  • Voice Standby


  • LCD Base Unit: English
  • Operation Panel: English



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