720p HD images up to 60 fps*1
Multiprocess NR & 3D-DNR ensures noise reduction in various conditios.

Box Network Camera WV-SP105

  • 720p HD images up to 60 fps*1
  • Multiprocess NR & 3D-DNR ensures noise reduction in various conditios.
  • Face super dynamic technology ensures clear face image.
  • Multiple H.264 (high profile) stream (max. 4 streams) and JPEG streams ensure simulataneous real time monitoring and high resolution recording.
    – Enhanced super dynamic*1 and ABS tecnlogies deliver 133 dB wider dynamic range compared to conventional cameras.
  • ABF (Auto Back Focus) ensures easy installation.
  • Can be added new intelligent extension software.
  • HLC technology reduces strong light sources such as vehicle headlights to prevent camera being blinded.
  • Supports SSL, DDNS.
  • IR LED is controlled to match the environment, there byitu camera provides clear images of human face without white blur.
  • Fog compensation function equipped as standard.
  • Super chroma compaensation function realized a better color.


HD/1,280 x 960 H.264 Network Camera with 2x Extra Zoom

  • 720p HD images up to 30 fps (WV-SP105 only)
  • Newly developed 1.3 Megapixel high sensitivity MOS Sensor
  • Multiple H.264 (High profile) streams and JPEG streams ensure simultaneous real time monitoring and high resolution recording by “UniPhier®”, Panasonic’s proprietary System LSI platform.
  • Full frame (Up to 30 fps) transmission at 1,280 x 960 image size
  • 2x extra zoom at VGA resolution (WV-SP105 only)
  • 2x, 4x digital zoom controlled by browser
  • ABS (Adaptive Black Stretch) technologies deliver wider dynamic range compared with conventional cameras.
  • High sensitivity with Simple Day/Night function: 0.8 lx (Color), 0.4 lx (B/W) at F2.2 (WV-SP105); 2.0 lx (Color), 1.3 lx (B/W) at F2.0 (WV-SP102)
  • VIQS (Variable Image Quality on Specified area) technology allows the designated area to retain higher image quality while the excluded area will have a decreased image quality, which enables to use lower image file size and bit rate.
  • Digital Noise Reduction: 3D-DNR ensures noise reduction in various conditions.
  • Progressive scan ensures clear images with less motion blur and no tearing even when the subject is moving.
  • Superior color reproduction by primary (RGB) color filter
  • Electronic sensitivity enhancement: Auto (Up to 16x) / OFF (WV-SP105)
  • Selectable light control modes: Indoor scene (50 Hz) / Indoor scene (60 Hz) / ELC (maximum exposure time) Indoor scene (50 Hz/60Hz): Flicker caused by fluorescent lightning will be automatically compensated. ELC (maximum exposure time): The lightning control will be automatically performed by adjusting shutter speed in the range of ELC.
  • VMD (Video Motion Detector) with 4 programmable detection areas, 15 steps sensitivity level and 10 steps detection size
  • Meta data for VMD is supplied to work with the WJ-ND400 playback VMD function.
  • Privacy Zone can mask up to 2 private areas, such as house windows and entrances/exits.
  •  Camera title display: Up to 20 alphanumeric characters on the browser, Up to 20 alphanumeric characters embedded in the image
  • Alarm sources including VMD and Panasonic alarm command can trigger actions such as FTP image transfer, E-mail notification, Indication on browser, and Panasonic protocol output.
  • JPEG Image compression ratio can be changed by alarm so that higher quality image can be provided.
  • Prioritized stream control: One of the video streams can be prioritized when multiple recorders or client PCs are accessing the camera so that the recorder or the client PC can maintain the frame rate.
  • H.264 max. bit rate/client and Total bit rate control allows flexible network traffic management. Frame rate priority mode controls bit rate and compression ratio to provide the specified frame rate.
  • Internet mode: H.264 images can be transmitted over HTTP protocol.
  • Multi-language: English / Italian / French / German / Spanish / Russian / Chinese / Japanese
  • IPv4/IPv6 protocol supported
  • Supports DDNS (viewnetcam, RFC2136)
  • Still images (JPEG) can be viewed on mobile phones via Internet.
  • ONVIF compliant model


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